The Customer (you) accepts that the following Conditions of Sale are applicable to all sales made by (the Supplier) whether or not they appear on the delivery documents. 

1. Invoices will be issued in respect of all collections. 

2.Payment is due 20th of month following service being provided. As appropriate, statements will be issued at the end of each month following the date of delivery. Collections will not be made unless the account is kept up to date or prior arrangements have been made and accepted by the Supplier. 

3. If the invoice is not paid within the period allowed, the Supplier may charge penalty interest on the unpaid amounts from time to time at the rate of 2% per month. If pursuant to this clause interest becomes payable, the Supplier may at their option cancel all credit arrangements forthwith and all monies then owing by the Customer will become immediately due and payable. 

4. Notwithstanding Clause 3, if the account is not paid within the period allowed, the Supplier or any agent appointed by the Supplier may recover from the Customer the full cost of recovering the debt (including but not limited to legal fees, company and agency collection fees) in addition to the amount outstanding. 

5. Any delivery problems must be reported to the Supplier within 24 hours of consignment otherwise no responsibility

will be accepted. 


6. The Customer accepts that the Supplier may vary the Conditions of Sale by written notice to the Customer to apply 10 days after advice has been given. The placing of a subsequent order shall be deemed to be acceptance of the new conditions. 

7. The Customer agrees to inform the Supplier in writing of any change in the Legal Entity, Ownership or Management of its business. Failure to do so may result in the Customer being held personally responsible for debts incurred after the date of the change. 

8. The Customer irrevocably authorises any person or company to provide the Supplier with such information as the Supplier may require in response to the Customer's application for credit. The Customer further authorises the Supplier to furnish to any third party, details of this application and any subsequent dealings between the Customer and Supplier. 

9. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that by submitting an application for an account on the Energy Messengers website (“the website”)  the Customer and Supplier have entered into a legally binding agreement. The cost for the services provided by the Supplier to the Customer are as stated on the website. The Purchaser warrants to the Supplier that they have the power to enter into this agreement”.